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PowerHouse Character Planner


PowerHouse is an HTML/Javascript character planner for Champions Online™ players. It allows for the planning of Innate Talent, Super Stats, Talents, Powers, and Advantages. Builds are saved by bookmarking a save link. And there is a forum export option.

It is similar to and inspired by championBuilder, originally written by Moritz Hartmeier and currently maintained by Roxstar, which is a Java application that performs a similar function.

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please let me know by submitting an issue here.

— Kyle Sherman <nullware@gmail.com> @Brizel


PowerHouse is run from within your browser. Simply click the link below to get started:

PowerHouse Character Planner

If you are new to PowerHouse, I recommend you read the help section (click on Help in the upper right once you are in the web application).


You may download a copy of the program to run directly on your own computer. This will allow you to use the program even if you are not online. This also allows you to control when you upgrade to newer versions. Please note that this is not the recommend way to run PowerHouse, but it is presented here as an alternative for more advanced users.

Simply download any tagged version of the source code from Github.

Source Code

The source code is hosted on Github.

Beta Version

PowerHouse Beta gets updated more frequently and is used to test changes before the normal site is updated.

Currently in beta:

Currently Working On

Possible Future Enhancements

(Please note that this is a wish list and these may or may not ever get done.)

Change Log


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